Using android advantage against it to do call spoofing

A.R Maheer
2 min readNov 22, 2021

It will be an short article , 6.378 billion people in this planet use smart phone , to call someone or receive call , to browse facebook/social media , to do many smart thing. In the function of calling android always takes + as 0 , Example : Suppose a Phone Number Saved Your Phone As 01234567891 , But someoned called with the same last 10 digit number but the first one is + insted of 0 , In this situation android will show the name of the saved number , because in the first line of this article i mentioned android always takes 0 as + , its an security threat to every smartphone user if the don’t look at the incoming call number correctly , some time when the incoming call is not on full screen it will only show the name [ if saved].

In Bangladesh , Our Phone Number starts With 0 example: 01712345678 , it’s not the issue , at first i mentioned android always converts + to 0 , USA country code is +1 , If Someone wanna spoof someones number from your contact list , he just needs the number , then he can convert it to USA VOIP number to spoof call. Let Me Show You a P.O.C, For Better Understanding.


Many Of online free calling app are available to spoof call using this function , if the smart phone user is not aware to look at the number before get spoofed or scammed . It’s an security issue for causing human error.

[This Is an Article based on research purpose , no application or software or program is specified to spoof call , and we do not promote call spoofing , if someone use this information to spoof call , Our Research team will be not responsible for any of his/her action.]